CEOs fighting homelessness & poverty across London
Monday October 30th 2017
Lord's Cricket Ground
I Want To Take Part

What is it?

On Monday 30th October 2017, we are inviting senior level employees from any industry to give up their bed for one night and help those who don’t have one. Participants will be asked to lead by example by braving the cold and sleeping outdoors side-by-side with their peers to raise awareness and funds for homeless people in London.

Our ultimate goal is to help make London a fairer and even better place in which to live, work and do business.

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Who’s already taking part?

  • Profile photo of Adrian Morrell Adrian Morrell
    Broker, Monex
  • Profile photo of Andrew Lawrence Andrew Lawrence
    Vice President, Services, Concur Technology
  • Profile photo of Andrew West Andrew West
    Managing Director, Accenture
  • Profile photo of Andy Preston Andy Preston
    Chairman, CEO Sleepout UK
  • Profile photo of Andy Parsons Andy Parsons
    COO, Pollitt & Partners
  • Profile photo of Angelos Tsigkopoulos Angelos Tsigkopoulos
    Global Head of Business Development, The European (
  • Profile photo of Anne Parker Anne Parker
    acting Chair RIverside Care and Support and Trustee Church Housing Trust
  • Profile photo of Ben Madden Ben Madden
    Managing Director, Thorgills
  • Profile photo of Bhavin Patel Bhavin Patel
    Professional Coach, Bhavin Patel Coaching
  • Profile photo of Bobby Watkins Bobby Watkins
    Chief Commercial Officer, Green Running
  • Profile photo of Brian Bickell Brian Bickell
    Chief Executive, Shaftesbury
  • Profile photo of Charlotte Murdoch Charlotte Murdoch
    Founder & Director, York Street
  • Profile photo of Chris Burke Chris Burke
    CEO, Brikendon Consulting Limited
  • Profile photo of Chris McNamara Chris McNamara
    CEO, Pathway CTM
  • Profile photo of Dafydd Llewellyn Dafydd Llewellyn
    Managing Director - UK SMB & Nationals, Concur Technology
  • Profile photo of Dale Smith Dale Smith
    Creative Director, Bridge
  • Profile photo of Edward Birch Edward Birch
    CEO, Pets Happy Tails
  • Profile photo of Elle Moss Elle Moss
    Founder & CEO, Drew London
  • Profile photo of Erika Brodnock Erika Brodnock
    CEO, Karisma Kidz
  • Profile photo of Fiona Daly Fiona Daly
    Marketing and Community Engagement, Shaftsbury
  • Profile photo of Gail Porter Gail Porter
    Television presenter, television personality, former model, actress
  • Profile photo of Gary Wilcox Gary Wilcox
    CEO, JAG-UFS (Intl) Limited
  • Profile photo of Hazel de Kloe Hazel de Kloe
    Property Mentor, Why Property Works Ltd
  • Profile photo of James Baillie James Baillie
    CEO, Jet Stream Online
  • Profile photo of James Davies James Davies
    CEO, Beyond Search & ScaleUp Works
  • Profile photo of James Laird James Laird
    Founder/CEO, Strenuus Ltd
  • Profile photo of Janine Green Janine Green
    Managing Director, Resolve ASB
  • Profile photo of Jason Grant Jason Grant
    CEO, Integral
  • Profile photo of Julia Goodman Julia Goodman
    CEO, Personal Presentation Ltd
  • Profile photo of Lara Morgan Lara Morgan
    Serial Entrepreneur & Investor
  • Profile photo of Lianne McGrory Lianne McGrory
    Managing Director, Blackbaud Europe
  • Profile photo of Lois Hall Lois Hall
    Senior Business Development Officer, Riverside Care and Trust
  • Profile photo of Louise Graham Louise Graham
    Founder, The Think Collective
  • Profile photo of Louise Harris Louise Harris
    Director, This Is The Flow
  • Profile photo of Miriam Morris Miriam Morris
    Executive Director, Church Housing Trust
  • Profile photo of Olalekan Sanni Olalekan Sanni
    Business Person
  • Profile photo of Ollie Stewart Ollie Stewart
    Employment Support Worker, House of St Barnabas
  • Profile photo of Penny Thomas Penny Thomas
    Company Secretary, Shaftesbury
  • Profile photo of Phil Seifi Phil Seifi
    Co-Founder and CEO, EduLift
  • Profile photo of Russell Quirk Russell Quirk
    CEO, Emoov
  • Profile photo of Ruth Uwimana Ruth Uwimana
    Corporate & Supporter Relations Manager, Church Housing Trust
  • Profile photo of Sam Fields Sam Fields
    Managing Director, Brightsparks
  • Profile photo of Scott McGregor Scott McGregor
    CEO, Red T Energy
  • Profile photo of Shona Fleming Shona Fleming
    CEO, Borderline
  • Profile photo of Tahirih Danesh Tahirih Danesh
    Executive Director, Persia Educational Foundation
  • Profile photo of Terry Hayden Terry Hayden
    CEO, Little Jamaica, Go Local Jamaica
  • Profile photo of Tobi Crosbie Tobi Crosbie
    Founder and Managing Director, Making Moves London
  • Profile photo of Toby Turner Toby Turner
    Founder/Managing Director, Holtby Turner
  • Profile photo of Vimbai-Nashe Chinhoyi Vimbai-Nashe Chinhoyi
    CEO and Founder, World Lanterns
  • Profile photo of Wayne Holtshausen Wayne Holtshausen
    CEO, The Original Biltong Company
  • Profile photo of Yannis Iliopoulos Yannis Iliopoulos
    Managing Director, The Sound of Everything
Monday October 30th
Lord's Cricket Ground


Our biggest fundraisers so far
  • Please check back closer to the date to see the biggest fundraisers for London 2017
Previous event

October 31st 2016
Lord's Cricket Ground

Our sleepers braved the cold and raised an incredible
for local charities.

You can do the same!

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