fighting homelessness & poverty across Northumberland
Monday November 20th 2017
The Alnwick Garden
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Monday November 20th
The Alnwick Garden


Our biggest fundraisers so far
  • 1 Profile photo of Will Blackshaw Will Blackshaw
    Managing Director, Blackshaws
  • 2 Profile photo of Chris Pearson Chris Pearson
    Partner, Gavin Black and Partners
  • 3 Profile photo of Sally Atkinson Sally Atkinson
    Director, ABS Ideal Homes
  • 4 Profile photo of David Hawke David Hawke
    Head of Alnwick Castle Ventures
  • 5 Profile photo of John Adamson John Adamson
    Owner, Ramside Estates
  • 6 Profile photo of Ruth Oldfield Ruth Oldfield
    Director, Coffee & Kin
  • 7 Profile photo of Barbara Condliffe Barbara Condliffe
    Director General, Condliffe Cleaning Services
  • 8 Profile photo of Karen Parker Karen Parker
    Owner & Managing Director, Coast and Castle
  • 9 Profile photo of Lucy Grieve Lucy Grieve
    Managing Director, Pumpkin Pie Childcare Ltd
  • 10 Profile photo of Mark Brassell Mark Brassell
    Director, The Alnwick Garden