Our Investments

We’re happy to be a very lean and fit charity! We don’t employ any staff and nearly all the work relating to our activities is undertaken voluntarily by our chairman and his personal p.a. This means that almost every penny we raise directly supports the relief of homelessness and poverty.

Although this charity is still young we’re proud to have funded lots of amazing projects and boosted the great work homelessness and poverty focused charities across the UK. We’ve worked with lots of different groups and we’ve been particularly close with charities Depaul & Cardinal Hume Centre donating £123,000 & £138,000 respectively to support their work with some of the UK’s homeless young people.

Our biggest financial investment to date has been employed creating the not for profit restaurant: The Fork In The Road.

The Fork in the Road

The Fork is the launch of a fantastic new concept - a formerly derelict building in central Middlesbrough will come back to life with three distinct social enterprises:

1. High end restaurant The Fork (in the Road) will be a place of great food, ambience and opportunity. A number of the restaurant's staff will always be those who've come through our programme designed to offer precious opportunities to those who need a helping hand - recovering addicts, ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed. The fit-out costs and working capital for this social enterprise have come from CEO Sleepout and Public Health England.

2. Our community café will be a great partner for the The Fork. The café will not serve alcohol and will provide employment opportunities to those who're not yet ready or able to work in an environment that serves alcohol. The café will be a valuable stepping stone for those in recovery from alcohol and other addictions but are not ready to work in The Fork, where alcohol will be served.

3. Bar Zero will play an important role in Teesside's recovery scene. It won't serve alcohol but it will be a great place to mix with friends and meet people. The bar can also be hired for private functions and community events.

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